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Right after releasing Trackback Submitter software (which quickly became world's most popular automatic trackbacks posting tool), I was flooded with emails from happy webmasters asking for more backlink building solutions. Finally, after months of testing and careful research, outstanding and ultramodern software Blog Comment Poster was released to the public. A totally new concept in backlinks building addressing tomorrow's needs today!

You will be surprised, but professional webmasters spend only minutes to outperform their competitors and generate big profits. Believe it or not, but successful webmasters don't know any secrets of easy money making. The only thing they know and use is
revolutionary backlinks building software which boosts their productivity and unlocks the power of unlimited earnings!

Experienced webmasters realize that the only key to success is relevant, high quality backlinks from fresh and popular blogs. Thousands of backlinks. Unfortunately, backlinks building is not only boring, but also very time-consuming task because it takes days or even weeks searching for relevant sites and submitting links manually. Can you afford wasting so much time? I don't think so. That's why you need Blog Comment Poster - 100% automated blog comments posting software which builds backlinks the easy way.

Blog Comment Poster turns you free time into profits by automatically searching for thousands of premium daily-updated blogs related to your niche and submitting high quality comments with backlinks. Finally, with help of revolutionary website promotion software, now you can also build hundreds of first-class backlinks, get better search engine rankings, dramatically increase website traffic and multiply your income in days instead of months.
And this is only the beginning!

Fasten your seatbelt! Get ready for massive traffic and maximum earnings at minimum cost. All this and more! You've dreamed about it. Now you can have it!

Blog Comment Poster is world's first and most sophisticated automatic blog commenting software. Designed for tomorrow's needs of professionals, automatic commenter tool takes backlinks building to whole new level today.

Blog Comment Poster allows building backlinks for unlimited number of domains, and each domain can have unlimited comment messages which are rotated randomly. The software can find thousands of high quality blogs related to your niche(s) and post comments with backlinks automatically. More innovative features include, but are not limited to: spam plugins "killer", blogs entries parsing engine, anchor text rotation, blacklisted words/domains filter, automated rotation of proxy servers, option to emulate and rotate different user agents, option to bypass human validation scripts used on blogs, and more.

If you ever saw blogs with heavily commented entries, you should know most of these messages were automatically created by Blog Comment Poster users. Now you can do it too!

It's Time for Action! Without a doubt, you expect just another "yadda-yadda-yadda" sales pitch here. But unlike less reputable publishers, I'm ready to prove everything I claim!

So don't go wondering if you could have a large number of backlinks from high quality blogs, thousands of targeted visitors, better search engine rankings and sky-high earnings because all this and even more can be yours. Today!

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