AR.FlyingAce is a Unique Air Combat Game in Augmented Reality 0

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AR.FlyingAce AR.FlyingAce is a unique air combat game in augmented reality

AR.FlyingAce is a game of air combat in augmented reality. It takes place between two AR.Drone armed with Plasma missiles. The game’s objective is to virtually shoot down the opposition AR.Drone. Check out the trailer after the jump to take a taste of this unique game.

Each AR.Drone has an unlimited number of missiles. Once the AR.Drone enemy has been detected by the camera, a red cross-shaped timekeeper appears on the screen and the iPhone / iPod touch / iPad begins vibrating. The driver then has to shake his iDevice to activate the sending of a missile towards the other fighter. The missile trajectory will be visible in augmented reality on the screen of the iPhone / iPod touch / iPad until its impact on the enemy AR.Drone.

Life bars of both AR.Drone are displayed on the sides of pilot screens, the bar on the right corresponding to the opponent. If the level ends before either player has lost his virtual life, the winner will be the one with the highest life bar.

Game will be available on 27 April on the App Store.

Automatic Blog Commenting Software 1

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The Pace of Play and Position Poker Online Game 0

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Check-raising is playing a hand weakly in order to raise later in the same round of betting. It is possible that you will win the pot right there when you check raise. At the very least, you will probably reduce the opposition to one or two players, which is what you usually want.


Slow playing is not the same thing. It is playing a hand weakly on one round of betting in order to suck people in for later bets. Typical slow plays are to check if there has been no bet or just call a bet rather than raise. In other words, you take no action beyond what is necessary to stay in the pot. You give nothing away about the strength of your hand.

When you check-raise you usually want to reduce the number of your opponents, but when you slow play you are trying to keep as many players in the pot as you can, expecting to collect later bets from them as a result of your early deception. Obviously, since you are not worried about having many players in the pot and are not particularly concerned about giving them free cards, you must have a very strong hand to slow play - much stronger than a hand with which you would check-raise. In seven-card stud it might be three-of-a-kind on the first three cards or a flush or full house against one pair. In hold 'em it might be the top set of trips after the flop with no possible straight or flush draw showing. In draw lowball it might be something like a pat.

In most cases, for a slow play to be correct, all of the following must be true.
You must have a very strong hand.
The free card or cheap card you are allowing other players to get must have good possibilities of making them a second-best hand.
That same free card must have little chance of making someone a better hand than yours or even giving that person a draw to a better hand than yours on the next round with sufficient odds to justify a call.
You must be sure you will drive other players out by showing aggression, but you have a good chance of winning a big pot if you don't.
The pot must not yet be very large. 

Point 1, having a strong hand, needs to be true for points 2 and 3 to be true. Suppose in seven-card stud you have made a full house in five cards, and it looks as if your opponents are on flush draws and straight draws. When you slow play and give them a free card, you would like all of them to make their hands so that you will get more action when you bet. At the same time, you are not worried that a free card will give them better hands than yours or draws to better hands with proper odds to chase. (However, you should not slowplay against these come hands if you think they would call when you bet.) In contrast, with three-of-a-kind in this situation, you should probably bet right out since there is a good chance a free card will allow one or more of your opponents to draw out on you when you don't make a full house.

Points 4 and 5 are also related. Opponents are much less likely to call a bet when the pot is small than when it is fairly large. As the pot gets larger, it becomes less and less likely that a slow play is the correct play. The reason is that your opponents are getting larger and larger pot odds, and it is less and less likely that you could actually want them to get these odds. Therefore, when the pot becomes large, you are less inclined to slow play because the odds you are giving opponents are so great that they can probably take them and not make much of a mistake, if any mistake at all. Furthermore, since opponents are unlikely to fold when the pot is large, it is not necessary to slow play to keep them from folding.

Nor should you slow play when you are showing obvious strength on board. Most players will know what you are doing, and they will not pay you off when you bet later. Players who don't know what you are doing, despite the strength of your board, will call an early bet anyway if they have any kind of hand.

When you are slow playing, you are giving your opponents free cards or cheap cards. The Fundamental Theorem of Online Poker Games suggests such a play is incorrect unless your expectation is to show on a later round a larger profit than you would expect if you bet early. In other words, your deception has to have more implied value than what you would gain by betting immediately. At the same time, it is important that when your opponent calls on a later round, after getting a free or a. cheap card, he is still not getting proper odds. Otherwise, it cannot be right to give him that free or cheap card, for you have given him the opportunity to develop a hand he is justified in playing even if it is not yet the best hand. Before slow playing, then, you should make sure there is little chance you will be outdrawn. In seven stud and hold 'em games, you must be especially careful that you are not up against a possible straight draw or a flush draw unless, as we noted earlier, you have a straight or a flush beat already.

Ironically, you would tend to slow play with excellent hands but not with the pure nuts. With the pure nuts you should bet and raise immediately in case someone else has a strong hand too. Don't make the mistake made by a friend of mine who flopped a straight flush in hold 'em. He kept checking it on a slow play only to find someone else was doing the same with an ace-high flush.

To elucidate this point further, let's take two situations from draw lowball. If the player to your right raises the blind, you should just call in middle position with a pat. You have a strong hand and hope other players will call the original raiser and stay around for the draw. At the same time, there is the slim possibility that the original raiser has you beat. However, with a pat bicycle - A, 2, 3, 4, 5 - you'd like to win some money from the first raiser. So you should reraise in the hope he has a monster and is happy to reraise you. The other players will probably fold, but you might beat the original raiser out of many bets before he discovers you have the pure nuts.

Point Blank Online Cheat | Cheat PB 6

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Point Blank CheatCheat PB” Online is simillar to Counter Strike Online. All cheat ability is the same like :
  • Auto aim
  • No clipping
  • See Behind the wall
  • All weapon
  • All amunition
The different is Point blank have a quest that you must play it for upgrade your point.

Point Blank Cheat should be newest once depend on your Point Blank server to join.  If it regulary pacth the game so you must know that your cheat pb is still work.
Or you can try with this step :

Download Hide Toolz

This Tips for Unlimited Ammo 
  1. Run Moonlight Engine Then run Hide Toolz
  2. Hide Moonlight Engine With Hide Toolz
  3. Run PointBlank.exe then atach proces to Moonlight Engine
  4. Scan 4 byte Ammo that you have (ie, 40)
  5. Shoot 1 or 2 bullets to check that number change, then do next scan.
  6. Check address that you got. 3 addres minimal. double click for that addres than freeze